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We will proudly be in the Caravan and Camping Super Show this year on site 370, one of the biggest of the show. With 15 stock vans occupying an area of 1000 sqm, JB will be there to impress! And we look forward to seeing you there to show you how JB Caravan perceives JUST BRILLIANT or JOURNEY BEGINS!


Tour Australia in one of our caravans!

Welcome to JB Caravans! We are the premier company in Australia and we are known for our amazing caravans for sale. Australia is a beautiful country which requires exploration, and if you are planning to do just that, then you better have one of our vehicles with you. Our caravans in Melbourne and elsewhere are built for the tough Australian road conditions and they are exactly what anyone with adventure on their minds need. Built to last and sturdy to boot, we are the caravan specialist you have been waiting for.

Excellent quality at great prices

If you are looking at caravans in Victoria or elsewhere, you ought to pay a lot of attention in making sure whom you are buying from. At JB Caravans, you have nothing to worry about. We strive hard to bring you excellent quality because we understand exactly what you need when you are on the road travelling: safety. Whether you are travelling with friends or family, we ensure that your safety is something that is never compromised with. How do we make sure that it is possible? Well, we always use high-quality fittings and equipment to provide you a vehicle that is not only comfortable to drive, but also safety to its core.

Why we are the best choice for caravans for sale

We believe that there are many things that make us the best choice for people looking for caravans for sale.
  • Excellent quality
  • High-quality fittings and equipment used
  • Great features
  • Both luxurious and affordable caravans in Victoria and elsewhere available
  • Great customer support
  • 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • We build our own chassis
  • Our caravans in Melbourne and elsewhere perfect for off-roads and dirt roads
As you can well see, we live and breathe caravans. Our highest priority is meeting our client’s requirements, desires and fancies. We are lucky to have a great team of professionals who are motivated to bring the best services to our valued patrons. ‘’Just Brilliant’’: That’s our promise Yes, ‘’Just Brilliant’’ is our motto. It is something we stand by. When it comes to manufacturing the vehicles we sell according to our client’s specifications, we put in a lot of effort. We understand that people have varying budgets: some may require a vehicle that is truly luxurious and fitted with the most expensive things, while some may be looking for more affordable options. We have all varieties available. We are sure that if you let us know exactly what you are looking for, we will be able to come up with something that meets your requirements brilliantly!

Chassis: We build our own

One thing that separates us from our competitors is that we not only bring to you amazing vehicles for sale, but we also build our own chassis. This helps us maintain a high standard of quality, which ensures that you can enjoy worry-free travel experiences when you buy a vehicle from us.

We are RVMAA-approved

At JB Caravans, we are proud of being RVMAA- approved. We should tell you that if you are looking for caravans in Melbourne, you should always choose from a manufacture that is RVMAA-approved. We are.

Our caravans in Victoria look and feel great

When you are travelling the country during your leisure time, you need something that you can depend on. However, you also need a caravan in Melbourne that looks and feels great. Good looks are what we deeply care about, and that shows in the quality of fittings we use. Explore the Australian landscape in one of our caravans for sale because they are the ultimate in driving comfort. When you drive in comfort, you drive in style. We are truly the specialists with dirt roads and off-roads and we are sure to be able to offer you something that will perfectly suit your needs and make you happy! With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. So what are you waiting for? If you need a great vehicle to travel in, call us at JB Caravans at our phone number 03 9308 0398 or email us at today and let us show you exactly what we have on offer.