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Picture yourself out on the open road, in a caravan park or next to the beach with your family.  You can make this dream a reality in a JB caravan we have family vans catering to all budgets, needs and layouts.  Our highly skilled team can help cater a solution that is right for you, don’t wait any longer make memories that last today!

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Full Off Road

There is no better way to explore the hard to reach places and beautiful landscape of Australia then in an off-road model from JB caravans.  Our caravans are designed to get you to where you want to go in comfort and style.  Set up camp in the outback, by a lake or wherever your heart desires in an off road caravan from JB.

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JB Caravans Scorpion Sting
On Road

Australia has an extensive network off roads and highways that link up with our beautiful towns and beaches, why not take a JB Caravans on road model with you on your Journey?  Explore the windy great ocean road, inland roads and mountain passes together, all whilst having an adventure of a lifetime.

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JB Caravans On Road
Semi Off Road

Have you ever wanted to make your own roads and get off the bitumen to explore our rugged country?  Well now you can in a semi off road from JB Caravans our models are designed to take you off the beaten track and enjoy your adventures.  Explore our Dirt roader and Dirt road extreme ranges to find a model that suits you.

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JB Caravans Dirt Roader

We use only the highest quality materials and method

The JB Difference

Using only Australian 3.2mm thick tube steel, JB Caravans manufactures all chassis in its own facility. Our engineered chassis are built to handle the fit for purpose conditions that our various caravans are built for in Australian tough conditions.

JB uses independent suspension on all of our models and are rated for Australia's tough conditions. Whether that be for on - road use, semi off - road, off road or extreme off road. Our tested suspensions include Alko and Cruisemaster.

Offering one of Australia’s most comprehensive 3 year warranty’s JB our warranty includes caravan structure, electrical and plumbing. The warranty is a fit for purpose warranty including off road.

JB Caravans dealerships each house a service and repair centre that is supplied from factory to ensure ease of service. We also have partner centres all over Australia.

JB caravans own and operate 5 of our dealerships, being wholly owned by JB the staff are all extensively trained in our product and understand the customers specific needs.

JB is in the unique position of owning the online RV Accessories superstore etime.com.au. This enables customers to have access to huge savings and VIP rewards.

Luxury on road & off road caravans for sale across Australia

Discover the JB Caravans difference: A luxury lifestyle that you can afford; exploring this beautiful country in the comfort of your caravan!

Originating from a humble workshop, JB Caravans has since quickly expanded and taken the market by storm with its brilliant range of off and on road caravans for sale. Delivering a luxury experience without the exuberant price tag, we’re proudly Australian-owned and operated, giving us stringent end-to- end quality control measures.

Hit the road and explore Australia in comfort and style; we’ve got a caravan for everyone.

Best in its class

JB Caravans

Build Your Own JB Caravan

We know you have your own flair and personality, that is why JB caravans gives you the opportunity to give your caravan your own personal touch. Choose from a range of colours and options to give you the caravan you have been waiting for…

3D Configurator

Enjoy the JB Caravan Lifestyle in our highly detailed Virtual Reality room. Our configurator provides you with a simulation you wouldn't normally experience from home. Keep an eye out for regular layout updates…

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